The Shopify Solutions Podcast

Easy Yet Powerful Filters

September 13, 2023 Scott Austin Season 2023 Episode 115
The Shopify Solutions Podcast
Easy Yet Powerful Filters
Show Notes

9/13/23 - Episode 115


  • Shopify has been continuously improving its platform, and the latest release allows for more robust filtering options.
  • The episode aims to guide you through implementing powerful filters on your Shopify store using free tools.

Tools Needed:

  1. Shopify Search & Discovery App: This free app by Shopify helps in setting up filters.
  2. Shopify Flow: Another free app that automates various tasks, including setting metafield values based on conditions.

Steps to Implement Filters:

1. Define Your Taxonomy:

  • Decide what you want your filters to be (e.g., types of meat like beef, yak, lamb).

2. Use Metafields:

  • Go to Shopify settings and then to custom data to define metafields.
  • Metafields can be set to have a dropdown menu of options, ensuring consistency.

3. Enable Faceted Filtering in Theme:

  • Go to your Shopify theme and enable faceted filtering, which will look to the Shopify Search and Discovery app for what filters to present.

4. Set Up Filters in Search and Discovery App:

  • Use the metafield values you've defined to set up filters.

5. Automate with Shopify Flow:

  • Create a flow that automatically sets metafield values based on certain conditions (e.g., if the product title contains "beef," set the metafield value to "beef").

6. Use Metafields in Collections:

  • You can now also create collections based on metafield values, ensuring consistency across your store.

Additional Tips:

  • The episode also discusses some technical details, like how to structure data in Shopify Flow, especially when you have multiple options for a metafield.

The episode concludes by emphasizing that small stores can now have a rich browsing experience with filters without needing a paid app, thanks to these free Shopify tools.