The Shopify Solutions Podcast

Trademarks for Your Brand

August 16, 2023 Scott Austin Season 2023 Episode 113
The Shopify Solutions Podcast
Trademarks for Your Brand
Show Notes

8/16/23 - Episode 113

The podcast episode features host Scott Austin and guest Elizabeth Potts Weinstein discussing the importance and intricacies of trademarks for brands. Here's a summarized overview:

  1. Basics of Trademarks: Elizabeth delves into the fundamental concepts of trademarks, explaining what they are and why they are essential for businesses.
  2. Benefits of Trademarks: Registering a trademark can provide a brand with exclusive rights to its name, logo, and other identifying features. This prevents other entities from using similar marks that could confuse consumers.
  3. Trademark Registration Process: Elizabeth outlines the steps involved in registering a trademark, from conducting a thorough search to ensure the mark isn't already in use, to filing the necessary paperwork and awaiting approval.
  4. Common Mistakes: The podcast highlights some common pitfalls brands might encounter during the trademarking process, such as not conducting a comprehensive search or choosing a name/logo that's too generic.
  5. Expert Insights: Elizabeth offers insights from her professional experience in the field of trademark law. She provides advice on best practices and shares her experiences.