The Shopify Solutions Podcast

Getting Started with eMail Campaigns for your Shopify Store

June 07, 2023 Scott Austin
The Shopify Solutions Podcast
Getting Started with eMail Campaigns for your Shopify Store
Show Notes

6/7/23 - Episode 108.

In this podcast, Scott Austin discusses the importance of email as a revenue driver for Shopify stores, particularly focusing on the use of Klaviyo for email marketing. Klaviyo divides emails into two types: flows and campaigns.

Flows are automated email sequences triggered by customer behaviors and events, like signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase. These allow stores to automate large parts of their email marketing, ensuring customers receive timely and relevant content.

Campaigns are one-time send emails used for newsletters, sales promotions, and broad communication. These emails are not based on specific customer actions but can be tailored to specific segments of the email list based on criteria like purchase history or geography.

Austin advises stores to first focus on flows due to their automated nature. However, he emphasizes the importance of campaigns, noting that they can account for half of the email revenue in a mature Klaviyo implementation.

He also details the process of setting up an email campaign using the example of a "Free Gift with Purchase" promotion, illustrating how this can be more economically beneficial for a store than a traditional percentage-off discount.

The podcast covers everything from selecting the free gift and calculating potential profit margins, to establishing campaign timelines, creating landing pages and setting up on-site promotions. It also provides detailed instructions on how to use Shopify's automatic discounts and the best practices for creating and scheduling campaign emails in Klaviyo.