The Shopify Solutions Podcast

Shopify Email Branding: Elevating Customer Experience

May 10, 2023 Scott Austin Season 2023 Episode 106
The Shopify Solutions Podcast
Shopify Email Branding: Elevating Customer Experience
Show Notes

5/10/23 - Episode 106.

In this episode, the host, Scott Austin, emphasizes the importance of consistent branding across all customer touchpoints, especially emails, for Shopify stores. He highlights the benefits of incorporating branding elements in emails, such as reinforcing brand identity, building trust, and gaining a competitive advantage.

The episode discusses the challenges of maintaining consistency in branding due to the use of various tools for customer engagement. Scott provides a solution for creating consistent branding in Shopify email notifications using Klaviyo, an email marketing platform.

The process of customizing email notifications involves four steps:

  1. Create universal content for Shopify templates in Klaviyo, including header and footer sections that can be used across all email templates.
  2. Create a unique template for each Shopify notification, using Klaviyo's starting templates and editing the content to match the store's brand voice.
  3. Export the template to Shopify by copying the HTML code from Klaviyo and pasting it into the appropriate notification in Shopify Admin.
  4. Test the new template by previewing it in Shopify, sending a test email, and acting as a customer to ensure the notification works as intended.

In summary, implementing consistent branding across Shopify email notifications requires some effort but significantly contributes to the overall brand-building process, helping stores stand out from competitors.